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Food Bowl’ features valued Lao partnerships

The powerful connections between Australian and Lao researchers and farmers are featured in a new TV program aired on Australia Network.  ‘Food Bowl’ <http://youtu.be/INy5oYCh1n0> hosts, Ananth and Leesa, visit scenic Luang Prabang to see how agriculture, science and ‘the art of farming’ are coming together to lift people’s lives out of poverty, and ensure a safe food future.

Vets Dr Jim Young and Dr Syseng Khounsy show how vaccinating against serious diseases and feeding improved grasses is making a difference to rural people in northern Lao PDR. “Livestock provides people with an important income, so when there is an outbreak of a disease like foot and mouth disease, it has a big impact on the prices,” Dr Syseng explains.  While, Mr Weiguin Chee of Singapore, is one of a group of Sydney University <http://sydney.edu.au/> veterinary students, gaining first-hand experience, vaccinating cattle in a remote village, while also being immersed and welcomed into new and rich culture.

The development of the teak industry is intertwined with the love story of Stephen and Dao Midgley. “As diamonds are to gems, teak is to timber,” says passionate forester Stephen Midgely who has been working on a number of ACIAR projects to help develop the teak industry in the Luang Prabang region. We also meet a Luang Prabang local Mr Phonekham Siphommachanh who recently graduated with a degree in forestry from Souphanouvoung University. This qualification provides he and his family a bright future, based in the teak industry. The program culminates in a celebration of the opening of a local school refurbished with beautiful, locally grown, teak.

‘Food Bowl’ can be viewed online<http://youtu.be/INy5oYCh1n0> on the Australia Network youtube site.

“I was impressed with the mostly entertaining and clever mix of science, human interest, aid and rural development fundamentals it managed to package with humour and youthful exuberance. A very impressive 30 mins of communication!” Viewer comment

More:  ACIAR media release: http://aciar.gov.au/news-and-media/food-bowl-features-valued-lao-partnerships

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