[ASC-media] Bob Hawke to speak at conference probing innovation with Asia

Jordan Gardner jordan.gardner at crca.asn.au
Wed Apr 30 16:26:00 PDT 2014

Bob Hawke to speak at conference probing innovation with Asia

Bob Hawke will address the Innovating with Asia 2014
conference in Perth on May 20–21. The former prime minister will deliver the
prestigious Ralph Slatyer Address on Science and Society at 4pm on Tuesday, May

The conference, organised by the Cooperative Research
Centres Association, will tackle big issues such as the future of Australian
manufacturing in the Asian Century and ways we can exploit our technological
edge in the minerals and energy sectors now that the resources boom has peaked.

Keynote speakers include Peggy Liu, chair of the Joint
US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, M. Madani Bin Sahari, chief executive
officer of the Malaysia Automotive Institute, and innovation policy expert
Thomas Barlow.

Some of Australia’s top early career researchers will
release their latest findings, including: 

a study probing the role of bacteria in poultry disease in the hunt for
probiotics for poultry 

a new, patented, technique to weld advanced composite materials used in
aerospace ways to keep lamb meat red, and therefore marketable, for longer 3D printing to make systems to deliver anti-inflammatory drugs for
cochlear implants evaluation of payoffs from a boost to energy efficiency in a gold and
copper mine.

The Cooperative Research Centres Association is the
peak body covering organisations formed under a federal government scheme to
drive public/private sector research. 


Innovating with Asia 2014 conference

Tuesday, 20 May 2014 and Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre


Jordan Gardner, CRC Association, Phone 02 6273 1124 

jordan.gardner at crca.asn.au. 

the conference website at http://conference.crca.asn.au

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