[ASC-media] The tale of the fox: if you can’t find them, does that mean they’re not there? – Decision Point #81 is now available

David Salt david.salt at anu.edu.au
Sun Aug 3 16:17:43 PDT 2014

Dear ASCees
This would have to be one of the ‘hottest’ issues of Decision Point we’ve released in some time. Foxes on Phillip Island, newts in Melbourne, disappearing tidal flats around China, inadequate nature protection in Antarctica – there’s something here to ruffle everyone’s feathers.
Check out our August issue for yourself at http://www.decision-point.com.au/

In issue #81<http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/DPoint81_web.pdf> you'll find the following stories:

1. ‘Running’ the EDG<http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/separate_stories/dp_81_p4_editorial.pdf>
Perspectives on the organisation of our science – page 4

2. Eradicating foxes<http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/separate_stories/dp_81_p5_eradicatingfoxes.pdf>
Why absence of proof isn’t proof of absence – page 5

3. The tale of the Phillip Island fox<http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/separate_stories/dp_81_p5_Phillipfoxes.pdf>
A manager’s view on costs, and the confidence of eradication – page 6

4. The tragedy of disappearing tidal flats<http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/separate_stories/dp_81_p8_hardplace.pdf>
Nick Murray maps wetlands on Earth’s most developed coastline – page 8

5. Conserving koalas in suburbs <http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/separate_stories/dp_81_p10_koalas.pdf>
Nicole Shumway on the mismatch between attitudes and actions – page 10

6. The Project Prioritisation Protocol<http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/separate_stories/dp_81_p12_ppp.pdf>
A tool for allocating funds to threatened species management – page 12

7. A call to protect Antarctic biodiversity<http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/separate_stories/dp_81_p13_antarctica.pdf>
The current protected area network is inadequate – page 14

8. Research briefs <http://decision-point.com.au/images/DPoint_files/DPoint_81/separate_stories/dp_81_p3_researchbriefs.pdf>
I spy a newt; The vital bits of a monarch’s migration; New policies for old trees – see page 3

So, make a sound decision for yourself, download your copy today.


David Salt
Decision Point

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