[ASC-media] Media Alert: World-first trial proves medical respiratory innovation increases performance power for athletes

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> Tuesday 13 May 2014, Australia: Leading Australian medical technology company
> Rhinomed Limited (ASX:RNO) today announced independent high performance trial
> of medical device, Turbine, carried out by former Olympian Rob Crowe at
> Ridewiser in Melbourne.
> The Turbine is a revolutionary sport and respiratory technology delivering an
> average of 38% more airflow through the nose.
> In a sporting world where supplement programs have been widely adopted, the
> real world test of the Turbine provides clear evidence that it can deliver
> significant performance benefits to athletes.
> When using the Turbine, 66 percent of participants in the trial increased
> their power output by an average of 6.5% or 20 watts, with the total group
> reporting a 3.7% increase inpower.  Additionally, over the 8-week trial riders
> wearing the TurbineÔ travelled 143m further during the high exertion time
> trial when compared to not wearing the Turbine.
> Any competitive cyclist will know these results are compelling.
> Commenting on the trial, CEO Michael Johnson said the Ridewiser test sought to
> provide independent real world validation of the effect of the TurbineÔ on
> athletes.
> ³What impact does 38% more air really have on an athlete¹s performance? More
> power, greater distance! The TurbineÔ delivers a tangible difference allowing
> athletes to go further (143 meters), and get there faster (6.5% increase in
> power).
> ³Power is the Holy Grail of cycling. The more of it you have, the faster you
> can ride a bike over a given distance,² said Mr. Johnson.
> The crossover un-blinded trial included A and B Grade qualified racing
> cyclists who participated in an 8-week program featuring testing at both
> endurance levels (65-75% of maximum heart rate) and at threshold levels
> (80-90% of maximum heart rate) with and without the TurbineÔ.
> Rhinomed Sports Medical advisor and professional triathlete Dr. Mitch Anderson
> said every little advantage makes a world of difference in sport.
> ³The TurbineÔ delivers a very clear benefit. Breathing better allows the body
> to focus energy on the muscles that need it, when they need it. 6.5% more
> watts, means meters. And at the crunch end of a race that is the difference,²
> commented Dr. Anderson
> Rhinomed also recently appointed former Tour de France Green Jersey winner and
> ORICA-GreenEDGE rider Baden Cooke to further bolster its team as it continues
> to drive growth of the TurbineÔ in the Australian and international markets.
> As one of Australia¹s most successful professional cyclists, Cooke¹s role is
> to liaise with international professional teams and riders, providing them
> with the opportunity to use the TurbineÔ on the world stage during the biggest
> races and tours.
> ³Having cycled at the highest levels internationally, I understand the
> pressures of performance and the need to be constantly improving. The TurbineÔ
> can improve the way an athlete breathes, and we now know this means more
> power. I¹m really looking forward to introducing the technology to
> pro-cyclists and teams around the world." said Mr. Cooke.
> The Ridewiser data provides compelling evidence and support that the many
> eliteathletes already using the TurbineÔ will benefit.  TurbineÔ riders,
> including Trek Factory Racing Team¹s Calvin Watson, currently competing in the
> Tour of California, are able to use the TurbineÔ to improve their ability to
> compete during sprints, pursuits and climbs when breathing and that extra
> power really makes a difference.
> Mr. Johnson added, ³To have a group of elite cyclists increase their power
> output by an average of 6.5% (19.76 watts) is an outstanding endorsement for
> the Turbine as a breathing technology. For elite athletes it can mean the
> difference between the podium and peloton.  For general health and fitness
> consumers, the ability to breath better and exert more power simply makes
> exercise easier.²
> Ends.
> A copy of the Turbine High Performance Product Trial report is attached.
> For further information about the TurbineÔ go to www.theturbine.com
> <http://www.theturbine.com/>  .
> Media enquiries and interview requests:
> Daniella Goldberg, Gene Genie Media mob: 0416 211 067
> Amanda Brookhouse Rhinomed Limited 0425 771 688

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