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Winning PhD program from a Cooperative Research Centre

2 October 2014 

The Cooperative Research Centres
Association has welcomed the launch of the new Entrepreneurial PhD Program
(ePhD) by the Cell Therapy Manufacturing CRC.  

“Building the industries of the
future requires skills beyond the deep research knowledge of a traditional
PhD,” says CEO of the CRC Association, Dr. Tony Peacock. 

“It is brilliant to see another CRC
tailoring their PhD offering to ensure industry savvy-students are ready to join the growing
Australian Biotech Industry.” 

“In fact,” Dr. Peacock says, “We
should forget the notion of a ‘traditional PhD’ in Australia altogether.” 

“The University of Melbourne was
the first institution to award PhDs in Australia, and that was only in 1948. We
don’t serve the students, industries or the country best if we take a rigid
view of what a PhD is. It is a training degree and we have to train people to
be the industry leaders of the future.” 

Cooperative Research Centres have
taken a leading role in helping universities deliver new approaches in PhD
training. In a recent report by the Australian Department of Education: Initiatives
to enhance the professional development of research students (June 2014) 6
of the 15 case studies cited were CRC-related. CRCs fund about 5% of
Australia’s postgraduates. 


The CRC Association was the first
Australian organisation to license Vitae’s
Research Development Framework, which helps researchers identify the
knowledge, behaviours and attributes of successful researchers.  

The CRC Association’s Early Career Research
Showcase, proudly sponsored by the CSIRO, is currently open for entry for
CRC Association Members. Researchers enter by submitting a 30-second YouTube
video discussing their research, emphasising the importance of communications
for a modern researcher. 

The Cell Therapy Manufacturing CRC
ePhD opportunities can be found here. 

Last year’s Early Career Research
video applications can be found here.

Jordan Gardner
CRC Association, Communications and Marketing Officer
www.crca.asn.au | jordan.gardner at crca.asn.au | 02 6273 1124 | @crcassoc

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