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Please see below press release from last night's PMs Prizes for Science. We'll put up the more 'interesting' speeches from the night on www.scienceinpublic.com.au<http://www.scienceinpublic.com.au> shortly.


2014 Prime Minister's Prizes for Science
29 October 2014
Joint release with the Hon. Tony Abott MP, Prime Minister
Tonight, we recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of Australian science and Australian scientists.
Australia has a proud history in science and a wealth of scientific talent. Our people are full of great ideas.
The Commonwealth Government will continue to provide the strong support that science needs to find the next innovation or treatment for disease.
The Prime Minister's Prizes for Science honour Australia's scientific community and aim to inspire the next generation of scientists who will stand on the shoulders of those high achievers who came before them.
The recipients of the 2014 prizes are demonstrating the power of science to transform economies, health and culture.
Their work builds on Australia's strong track record of excellence in scientific endeavour.
The 2014 recipients are:
Laureate Professor Sam Berkovic and Professor Ingrid Scheffer - Prime Minister's Prize for Science for revealing the genetics of epilepsy
Professor Ryan Lister - Frank Fenner Prize for Life Scientist of the Year for mapping how our genes are turned on and off
Dr Matthew Hill - Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year for reinventing filters for industry
Mr Geoff McNamara - Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Secondary Schools
Mr Brian Schiller - Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching in Primary Schools.
Science is essential to boosting our productivity and economic opportunities in the decades ahead.
To capitalise on our strengths, the Commonwealth Government has brought science into the centre of industry policy and the Government is implementing a series of measures to create stronger connections between Australian businesses and research institutions.
The Government will establish a new award to recognise the important role innovation plays in partnership with science. From next year, the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science will feature the Prime Minister's Prize for the Commercial Application of Science, alongside the existing Prime Minister's Prize for Science.
The Commonwealth Government is investing $12 million to improve the focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects in schools across the country.
The Government has also established the Commonwealth Science Council as the pre-eminent body for advice on science and technology in Australia.
It will be the research of our scientists today that will change the lives of millions of people around the world tomorrow.
Profiles, videos, photos and further information about the 2014 award recipients are available at www.industry.gov.au/scienceprizes<http://www.industry.gov.au/scienceprizes>.
On behalf of the Commonwealth Government, we congratulate this year's recipients of the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science.

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