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Think you found the Perth Daytime Fireball meteorite?

Curtin Uni's  Fireballs in the Sky scientists aren't ruling out that the fireball on Monday resulted in a meteorite - in fact if there's any rocks around, there's probably quite a few. The fireball was last seen Monday 9:30 am fragmenting in the sky north of Perth.

We are also looking for any more footage - dash cams, security cameras - of the event from areas north of Perth. It would be between 9:20 and 9:35 Monday 9 March.

Bring your suspected meteorite along to Curtin University on Friday to speak to our meteorite scientists and get it declared 'Meteorite or Meteorwrong' and why!

Tim Winton foyer, Building 213 ground floor
Friday 13 March, 3 - 5pm
Meet the scientists and meteorite inspections
Briefings at 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm

Curtin University Map

Curtin University Parking and Getting Here information

Contact fireballs at curtin.edu.au or 0447 643 502 for event queries.
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