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[Posting on behalf of Canberra International Music Festival organisers - please direct all inquiries to the contacts listed, not to me!]

Dear all,

List recipients may be interested in the Canberra International Music Festival (CIMF) which this year has strong links between music and science, in particular Einstein.

Please direct all inquiries to CIMF publicist, Miranda Borman on 0434 100 571.

Many thanks

Exploring the connections between Music and Science

Einstein, and his remarkable contribution to the world of science, provides the inspiration behind Artistic Director Roland Peelman's stunning program for this year's Canberra International Music Festival.

The 2015 Festival runs from the 1-10 May and features over 30 concerts and free events.

Sound and space, music and mathematics, time and motion: music and science have always been connected.  To celebrate that relationship, the 2015 Festival is marking the hundredth anniversary of Albert Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.  One of the greatest physicists of all time, Einstein was also a fine amateur pianist and violinist.   Music fed his imaginative thinking, focused his mind and contributed to his understanding of space and time.

Roland has devised a program that delves into Einstein's musical heritage - Brahms, Beethoven and the physicist's beloved Bach - and also offers a musical parallel to the fundamental shift in perspective that he gave the world - works by contemporary composers Philip Glass, composer of the opera Einstein on the Beach, and Australian composers Kate Moore, Rosalind Page and Peter Sculthorpe, among others.

Canberra provides the perfect setting for exploring the connections between music and science: not only do we boast a wealth of musical talent, but Canberra is also home to many of the nation's leading science and research institutions.  Works by former Canberran and this year's Composer in Residence, Kate Moore, will feature in the concerts at Mt Stromlo and the Botanic Gardens.

Three of Canberra's most eminent scientists take an active part in the Sounds on Site series of concerts.   Astronomer and Nobel laureate, Professor Brian Schmidt, will speak at the event on Mount Stromlo; Professor Craig Savage, professor of physics at the ANU, and a leader in fundamental quantum physics and physics education will explore string theory in the Shine Dome; and Dr Judy West, Executive Director of the Australian National Botanic Gardens, will inspire us as we go on a musical treasure hunt through the gardens.

The Canberra International Music Festival is honoured to pay tribute to two renowned Canberra scientists, who were not only leaders in their respective fields, but also inspiring science communicators.

String Theory at the Shine Dome is dedicated to the memory of climate scientist Professor Michael Raupach, who at the time of his recent death was Director of the ANU Climate Change Institute.
Forest Music at the ANBG is dedicated to Professor Tony McMichael, an epidemiologist who played a pioneering role in developing research on the health risks from global climate change and other large scale environmental changes.

Both scientists were music lovers, and their families have been closely involved with CIMF.   Professor McMichael's daughter Anna, a violinist, has been a guest artist at four Festivals, and Professor Raupach's son Alex, a trumpeter, was a Young Artist Festival Fellow in 2014.

SOUNDS ON SITE concerts:

Tuesday 5 May (midday)
Space Exploration
With Professor Brian Schmidt, Nobel Laureate
Mount Stromlo Observatory

Wednesday 6 May (midday)
String Theory
With Professor Craig Savage, professor of physics at the ANU
The Shine Dome

Thursday 7 May (midday)
Forest Music
With Dr Judith West, Dr Judy West, Executive Director, Australian National Botanic Gardens
Australian National Botanic Gardens

Tickets for all Sounds on Site concerts: FULL $55.00/CONCESSION $50.00. Tickets and further information are available from www.cimf.org.au<http://www.cimf.org.au> or phone 02 6230 5880.

Contact: Miranda Borman
Mobile: 0434 100 571

30 March 2015
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