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Pork CRC Media Release -- October 19, 2017


Pork CRC Benchmarking Producers Progressing


Pork CRC benchmarking results for 2016-17 are in and the progress achieved
by Australian pork producers has impressed CEO Roger Campbell.


"I'm very happy with the progress made over time, especially in
reproduction," Dr Campbell said.


"We now have Australian herds exceeding 11 weaned per litter and 26 plus
weaned per mated female per year. 


"The trends in born alive, number weaned and weaned per mated sow per year
have also been very positive over the past six to seven years, with
individual herds achieving exceptional improvement year on year."


Pork CRC held its last Benchmarking Project meeting in Melbourne this week
(October 16 & 17), having commenced 10 years ago at a time when the majority
of Australia's pork producers, even those achieving commendable productivity
levels, did not know how they were tracking compared with their competitors,
both locally and overseas.


"Pork CRC's Benchmarking Project has informed members and industry on where
we sit globally and, importantly, how we compare to each other," Dr Campbell


"Non-members can use the figures to compare their performance with some of
the best and in many cases identify what areas need to improve. 


"I think the information is critical for the industry and the project has
been so successful it is likely to be carried on by Australian Pork Limited
in 2018."


New Zealand, whose peak body NZ Pork is an Essential Participant in the CRC
for High Integrity Australian Pork and has a member in the Benchmarking
Project, increased born alive by two piglets over the past eight years
(indoor average now 13.1 and outdoor 12.8). 


"While this sets a pretty high bar for Australian producers, we're reminded
that the Kiwis use genetics from Europe and USA, so are probably seeing the
advantages of genomic technology used by most international genetic
companies," Dr Campbell said.


"There are lessons to be learned from the NZ industry and that's what
benchmarking is all about and their born alive and weaned per sow are the
targets we need to achieve. 


"We have a couple of herds in Pork CRC's Benchmarking Project with born
alive above 13 and weaning 11 plus piglets per litter, so they are closing
in on where we need to be. 


"This all suggests we have the genetics and knowhow to reach 26 to 28 pigs
weaned per sow per year. 


"We just need to get everyone at this level and we'll likely have to make
further improvements through means other than importing superior genetics.


"However, as one participant at the benchmarking meeting said, all the signs
are that it may not be too long before we are the best in the world."


Dr Campbell thanked all participants for their involvement and contribution
to Pork CRC's Benchmarking Project and all thanked Dr Rowan O'Hagan for
managing the project over the past six to seven years.


www.porkcrc.com.au <http://www.porkcrc.com.au> 


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