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PORK CRC Media Release -- October 17, 2018

Affluent effluent possible for piggeries


About 16 per cent of the manure effluent of the Australian pig herd is now
directed to biogas systems, equating to 29 per cent of the herd housed in
conventional sheds at piggeries larger than 500 sow farrow-to-finish, which
is the cut-off for feasibility of these systems.


Before Pork CRC's Bioenergy Support Program (BSP) commenced in 2012, manure
from only about two per cent of the national herd was directed to biogas


According to Alan Skerman, Queensland Department of Agriculture and
Fisheries and Dr Stephen Tait, University of Queensland (now at University
of Southern Queensland), the BSP's positive impact on biogas adoption has
been substantial. 


Pork producers with biogas systems now benefit from reduced odour, save on
energy costs, sell excess biogas-derived electricity to the supply grid and
sell Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) and renewable energy
certificates. Capital expenditure payback periods of less than three years
have been realised. 


Since 2012/13, when the Emissions Reduction Fund started, 372,143 ACCUs have
been issued to piggery biogas projects, which is 372 kt CO2-e of emissions
abatement and an estimated $4 million of carbon credit sale value to
participating producers.  


A Pork CRC supported life cycle assessment by Stephen Wiedemann of Integrity
Ag Services has predicted that greenhouse gas emissions of Australia's pork
production could fall from 3.6 kg (in 2010) to near 1.3kg of CO2 equivalents
per kilogram of pork produced by 2020/21. 


Pork CRC consultant and former CEO, Dr Roger Campbell, believed this was due
to the uptake of biogas capture and use from effluent and increasing
productivity by the herds and businesses which will represent the industry
in 2020/21.


Pork CRC's Bioenergy Support Program has been a producer-steered technical
support program to enable biogas adoption across the Australian and New
Zealand pork sectors. 


The BSP conducted industry-tailored research to provide technical know-how
for producers, industry service providers, consultants and regulators to
assist in the planning, design, construction, commissioning and operation of
piggery biogas systems. 


The research and technical support of the BSP drew heavily on contributions
by Pork CRC biogas demonstration piggeries, established as part of the BSP


A recent national piggery biogas survey provided useful data on current and
future biogas adoption interest and statistics, which indicated considerable
ongoing interest in biogas benefits, including from smaller piggeries.

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