[ASC-media] Embargoed Media Alert: Neutron Star Jets Shoot Down Theory

Pete Wheeler pete.wheeler at uwa.edu.au
Mon Sep 24 17:41:48 PDT 2018

Embargoed until:
September 27—03:00 AEST (Sydney), 01:00 AWST (Perth)
September 26—19:00 CEST (Amsterdam), 13:00 EDT (New York)

Astronomers have detected radio jets belonging to a neutron star with a strong magnetic field — something not predicted by current theory, according to a new study to be published later this week in Nature.

The team, led by researchers at the University of Amsterdam, observed the object known as Swift J0243.6+6124 using the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico and NASA’s Swift space telescope.

A copy of the full media release is attached to this email.

A link to the research paper, as well as supporting imagery, an animation, a visualisation and an interview with the Australian author on the paper, is available at www.icrar.org/neutron_star_jets<http://www.icrar.org/neutron_star_jets>

Note: The password for this url during the embargo period is ‘magnetism’. This will be removed as the embargo lifts.

Please get in touch if you would like to interview the researchers or if there’s anything we can provide to support an article about this important work.


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